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I will only compare prices of NEW books at Books R Love with that of NEW books in retail bookstores. Rest assured that the prices of pre-owned books are NOT compared with the prices of new books (I personally think this is so misleading for buyers!). The prices at which these pre-owned books were bought may or may not be stated, depending on whether I can recall them :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Than Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch and Hearing

Amy Tan.

Sounds familiar? If you're a big fan of The Joy Luck Club (like I am!), you've definitely heard of Amy Tan :) I personally think The Joy Luck Club book is lots better than the movie version. In fact, a lot of books are better than their on-screen projections, e.g. The Da Vinci Code and Harry Potter.

Anyways, I digressed. Here's Amy Tan's The Hundred Secret Senses:


Olivia Yee is only five years old when Kwan, her older sister from China, comes to live with the famly and turns her life upside down, bombarding her day and night with ghostly stories of strange ancestors from the world of Yin. Olivia just wants to lead a normal American life. For the next thirty years, Olivia endures visits from Kwan and her ghosts, who appear in the living world to offer advice on everything from restaurants to Livia's failed marriage. But just when she cannot bear it any more, the revelations of a tragic family secret finally open her mind to the startling truths hidden in Kwan's unorthodox vision of the world.

The book's in relatively good condition, only slightly yellowed. Bought for RM44.90.

The Hundred Secret Senses going for RM24.

Monday, December 1, 2008

This and That

Simply because these books are a nice mix of stuff from everywhere :) From the unexplainable and mystery-solvers to Beverly Hills kids and romance with a prince.

* Clueless: Cher's Frantically Romantic Assignment
* Clueless: Extreme Sisterhood
* The Riddle of the Hidden Treasure
* Case-busters: Check in to Danger
* Spooksville: Invasion of the No-Ones
* Shivers: The Mystic's Spell

Clueless books and The Riddle of the Hidden Treasure going for RM3 each. Casebusters, Spooksville, Shivers going for RM2 each.

I think me constantly including the e-mail at the end of every post is getting to be annoying, so from now on, do refer to the sidebar for the email! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello, world!

Amidst the boom of online boutiques, here this little blog is, one of the very few offering pre-loved books :)

Whether it's because you're looking to complete your collection, or you just can't resist getting your hands on more books to cuddle up with (complete with a warm blanket, mini sausage rolls and hot chocolate!), well, what can I say--you're so in the right place.

Books on hand that are currently being let go are the ones you're likely to have read back in high school. Teenage fiction, horror stories.. I don't know about you but I certainly enjoyed them! :)

Check back soon!