Just for Clarification's Sake

Books R Love deals with both new and pre-owned books. If you're unsure whether a book is new or pre-owned, just look for the labels at the end of the post.

I will only compare prices of NEW books at Books R Love with that of NEW books in retail bookstores. Rest assured that the prices of pre-owned books are NOT compared with the prices of new books (I personally think this is so misleading for buyers!). The prices at which these pre-owned books were bought may or may not be stated, depending on whether I can recall them :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello, world!

Amidst the boom of online boutiques, here this little blog is, one of the very few offering pre-loved books :)

Whether it's because you're looking to complete your collection, or you just can't resist getting your hands on more books to cuddle up with (complete with a warm blanket, mini sausage rolls and hot chocolate!), well, what can I say--you're so in the right place.

Books on hand that are currently being let go are the ones you're likely to have read back in high school. Teenage fiction, horror stories.. I don't know about you but I certainly enjoyed them! :)

Check back soon!