Just for Clarification's Sake

Books R Love deals with both new and pre-owned books. If you're unsure whether a book is new or pre-owned, just look for the labels at the end of the post.

I will only compare prices of NEW books at Books R Love with that of NEW books in retail bookstores. Rest assured that the prices of pre-owned books are NOT compared with the prices of new books (I personally think this is so misleading for buyers!). The prices at which these pre-owned books were bought may or may not be stated, depending on whether I can recall them :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Due to an increasingly busy schedule ('extremely hectic' would be an understatement), post office days of twice a week is now once a week, on Saturdays (except the first Saturday of the month when the post office is closed; items will be sent out Friday). Restocks of brand new books will also be discontinued indefinitely, save for the totally fabulous May offer.

Please bear with me if I am unable to reply mails within 24 hours. What I can promise, however, is that I'll definitely try my very best to :)

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