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Books R Love deals with both new and pre-owned books. If you're unsure whether a book is new or pre-owned, just look for the labels at the end of the post.

I will only compare prices of NEW books at Books R Love with that of NEW books in retail bookstores. Rest assured that the prices of pre-owned books are NOT compared with the prices of new books (I personally think this is so misleading for buyers!). The prices at which these pre-owned books were bought may or may not be stated, depending on whether I can recall them :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Books R Love has gone on a very long hiatus...almost a month, which in Internet years, is a really really long time!

Being bogged down with work is no fun, especially when it keeps me from updating BRL. Also there are some books I'm not willing to let go ;p When I do find one, and when I do find the time, there will be updates, I promise.

On a related note, although Stuff R Love started out as a mini sister site, it's now being updated pretty often! Shows how much stuff I've accumulated, eh.

Besides pre-loves which are worn a few times at most, there are also quite a number of brand new pre-owned stuff, thanks to impulse purchases and incorrect sizes. I love those stuff I bought, but sometimes when it doesn't fit, I can only hope it goes to someone who'll like them just as much :)

Hoppity hop, off to Stuff R Love we go!

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